Progressive Global Training
Head Office:

17 - 21 Castle Street
CF10 1BT

So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness. - Sidney Poitier

Progressive Global Training

Progressive Global Training was founded in response to demand by national consumers and businesses, for a more effective and personal touch in marketing and sales. We are a driving force, taking marketing, sales and promotional work directly to the consumers.  This enables us to provide a  much higher yield and performance than many of our marketing competitors in both acquisitions and quality.

This has yielded enormous results for the clients and has built up an impressive portfolio of associates with which the company is  looking to expand even further.
Our core values are, excellence in customer service, organic and individual growth and on-going associate  development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide successful candidates with a unique opportunity in delivering one of the best and proven progressive  development programmes in the world, pioneered to empower individuals to achieve not only their personal goals but their professional careers as  well.

Opportunities at Progressive Global Training Ltd…

Progressive Global Training Ltd strongly believes that everyone should be given the same opportunity to succeed.
Every successful candidate who is accepted on to the Business Development Programme is asked to start at the same level.
They are subsequently given the same degree of product training, mentoring & support but most of all opportunity to progress through the programme as quickly as they  are able to.

December 2020